Those that have handicaps or that are elderly sometimes need a little extra help in doing everyday tasks or with medical assistance. If you are trying to find the right care method for your loved one, you may be wondering "What is in home care?" There are several benefits in enlisting the help of an in-home caregiver. Here are some of the benefits that you can get in hiring in-home care.

Benefits Of In-Home Care

Aging people might need an in-home caregiver to come help with housework, cooking, and other daily activities. Having in-home care will allow them to have the dignity and integrity of being able to live in their own home while having a helping hand. This will allow them to still live independently, and have the security of being where they are familiar.

For those that have handicaps or illnesses, an at-home caregiver can come to the home to take care of medical aspects in an atmosphere that is not clinical and impersonal. Living at home can give these people the chance to be comfortable while healing or coping with their situation.

For family members and friends, having an in-home service will allow them to be able to continue their way of life without having to be of assistance to the patient every minute of the day. Taking care of someone else is a huge responsibility and can become a financial burden if you must leave your job to be there.

Having the patient in the home will allow family and friends to be able to visit easily, without as many restrictions as there would be in a nursing home or a hospital. The caregiver would be able to give recommendations about visiting duration, but it is not a policy that must be enforced.

What Tasks Will An In-Home Caregiver Do?

An in-home caregiver will monitor vital signs and administer medications as needed. They work closely with nurses and therapists to make sure the patient is receiving the best care possible. The caregiver may help with physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. They are trained in these fields to give the patient individualized attention while helping in the healing process.

A caregiver will be there to help with any personal care. They will help with all personal hygiene matters and will offer assistance for getting the patient to and from the vehicles for doctor's appointments or hospital trips. 

Light housework would be handled by an in-house caregiver. They would also make meals for the client, if needed. Some caregivers will also go out of the home to do the grocery shopping, banking and other small errands that may need to be done.