Whether it is a holiday, birthday or simply a way to show your love, choosing the right gift is always important to you. You go to great lengths to take the recipient's interests and wishes into account, as well as the message you want the present to convey, when choosing one. When your loved one resides in an assisted living facility, the search for a perfect gift becomes more challenging. They likely have limited space and may seem to have everything they need already.

Fortunately, by combining your considerate personality with some creative thinking, you can discover the ideal gift for your parent, grandparent or other loved one who lives in a nursing home.

Help Her Stay in Touch

Even with the best care, living apart from your family can be lonely. Provide items that can help your recipient stay connected, such as stationery, envelopes and stamps; a calendar for the coming year filled with birthdays, anniversaries and other special dates; or an address book containing contact information of family and friends.

Entertain Them

Consider your loved one's favorite pastimes and find gifts that will help them stay busy and interested. An avid reader might enjoy a magazine subscription or word puzzle books (try to find them in large print). CDs, DVDs or even an MP3 player loaded with favorite tunes might tickle a music lover.  

Pamper Them

Think about items that might help your recipient feel fresh and attractive, which can boost anyone's outlook. This could be a physical gift, such as a small bottle of cologne, a lovely new cardigan or a set of scented soaps and lotions. Alternatively, you might consider hiring a traveling hairstylist, barber or cosmetologist to treat your loved one to an updated hairdo, a fresh shave or a lovely manicure.

Share Some Memories

Surround that special person with reminders of all the people who care for him. If he has the space, cover a bulletin board with photos, notes and cards from friends and family members. Make a scrapbook, have a photobook specially printed or purchase a digital picture frame that shuffles through an entire set of photos you have uploaded.

Consider the Gifts of Time and Companionship

Not all gifts must come wrapped in a bow. In fact, if your family member or friend resides in a nursing home or other assisted living facility, company may be the best gift of all. A homemade gift certificate for monthly (or weekly) meals together, board game challenges or chats over tea is sure to delight. You might consider contacting a nursing home like Regina Nursing Center; the staff there is sure to know what most of their patients tend to like.