Caring for someone with a serious or chronic health issue can be a source of stress and challenges. You might know that home health agencies exist but you may wonder if you need one. Here are three of the reasons that such agencies can benefit you and your loved one.

They Are Taking Multiple Medications

As part of your loved one's treatment plan, they may have multiple prescriptions for different medications that they need to take each day. You might be at work during some of those medication times, and it can be a common occurrence that they forget to take some of their medicine. This can lead to dire consequences for their health in some cases. Not only that, but some medicine can make them forgetful or sleepy and it's important that they are monitored while the effects of the drug are taking over. Knowing that a qualified professional is home with the person you love can help you feel relieved that they aren't alone and that nothing has gone wrong with their medication.

This is also the case if your loved one requires different treatments during the day. For example, if their tracheotomy tube becomes clogged and needs to be suctioned every few hours, you might not be able to do that. Having a home health aide there to get the job done will keep your loved one comfortable until you return.

You Need Help

Even if you are able to be around for most of the day, there may be tasks that are becoming too challenging for you to do alone. If your loved one is wheel-chair bound, for example, it might become more and more difficult for you to lift them to their chair or get them into a bath. Having a home health professional drop by to help you with some tasks can make things easier for you.

Physical help may not be the only help you need when caring for someone who has a chronic or serious illness. Caregivers can sometimes need some time away from the person they are caring for. If a home health professional can allow you a few hours to go shopping or take a nap, that can only help.

They Need Human Interaction

One reason for home health care that is often overlooked is that the person who is being cared for needs to be around other people. They may see you everyday, but interacting with others and getting some social stimulation can be great for your loved one, particularly if they are a senior citizen, as there is some evidence to suggest that social interactions for seniors can encourage:

  • Good eating habits
  • Better blood pressure
  • Better immune system

For all of these reasons, it's a smart idea to start talking with representatives from different in-home health care companies. Keeping your loved one's needs in mind, select one that will provide the level of care that your loved one deserves.