There are many great senior independent living centers out there for aging parents, but since the majority of the information can be easily found by scouring the internet, it may rest on you as the child to help find the best options. When you're assembling facility options to present to your parent, here is a checklist to look over.

Decide on Location Carefully

Your parent may have dreams of moving off to a different location, often somewhere warm. This is where you should make your own judgement call. The idea of moving to a sunny place can seem nice, but how do you think your loved one would really fare without the support network of children and friends that they have now? You may try to convince them to live nearer to a relative who can pay frequent visits. But in some cases, it's also a lovely idea to give a parent what they believe that they need most in their last years of independent living. 

Choose One That Matches Their Interests

A great part of senior independent living is the vibrant community and the activities that are available to seniors. Thus, it would be a shame to miss out on some of the activity opportunities available for seniors. Make sure that you run through the list of offerings with your parent to see if there are ones that pique their interest. 

Choose One with Great Accessibility

Your parent may not have any special accessibility needs now. But choosing a living unit that is equipped for wheelchairs and walkers is a great idea in case it becomes necessary. Accessible units also make it easier for aging bodies to navigate in general. For instance, they might have a single level floor plan to reduce bone and muscle strain. And they might have railings in the showers to help prevent falls. 

Plan for Additional Care

Finally, a practical senior independent living center should pave the way for additional care when the time comes. This could include memory care, skilled nursing, and custodial care options. Some independent living centers already have a medical staff on board that can help keep an eye on your parent. But when the time comes, will your parent need to relocate, and to where? Having a solid plan in place for the future is a great idea when it comes time for your parent to move out of their family home.

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