Having an elderly parent who can no longer live alone requires you to find somewhere safe for them to live. You want to be sure that their new residence allows them to have as full of a quality of life as possible. The guide below walks you through a few things to consider when looking for a senior living community for your aging parent to live in.

Consider the Staff-to-Resident Ratio

When your loved one stays in a senior living community, you want to be sure that he or she will get the care that they need, when they need it. Communities that are overpopulated or under-staffed could lead to your parent getting hurt or neglected when they are there. It is best to choose a community that has a low staff-to-resident ratio to ensure that your parent gets the care they need and deserve.

Consider a Facility That Offers Fun Things for Your Parent to Do

You want to be sure that your parent is able to keep their mind as active as possible. Having a variety of activities for your loved one to do when they are at the facility ensures that they will be able to keep their mind and body as sharp as possible. Some communities offer art and music classes, workout programs, and even bingo for residents to enjoy. You want to be sure that there are programs available that your loved one will be able to enjoy.

Consider a Community That Offers Some Independence

While your loved one may not be able to live completely on their own anymore, you do want him or her to have their independence for as long as possible. There are some communities that have small shops, private housing, and even dining halls for residents to use. This allows your parent to be able to live as independently as they can, while still being as safe as possible at all times. If your parent is not able to track money as well as they once could, you can set up a small account for them to use in the stores so that they can get the items that they want without spending every dime of their savings.

Be sure to take your parent to the facility after you have toured it. You want to be sure that they are excited about staying there so that they can be as happy and comfortable as possible at all times. Visit them regularly to ensure that they are having the best life that they possibly can.